The exhibition area of the Giacometti-Moscarda farm, opened in 2005, was created because of the need to promote in the best possible way the whole production of the winery, which counts today 7 important products with the Babos brand symbol.

Our sales outlet is a room with typical istrian rustic furniture. The consumer has the possibility to taste the Babos products oneself, to observe the whole cycle of production and to be part of a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

The winery

In our winery, innovation technology is masterly integrated with the local tradition. Oak wine barrels from Slavonia and France, made with the same material used fifty years ago, together with new refined installations, for an always-leading winery in the oenological culture of Vodnjan.

Passion, hard work and shared values guided the Giacometti-Moscarda family in every historical change and they keep on accompanying them through their successes.